Monday, December 01, 2014

COLLECTION: Victorinox SwissFlame 91mm (2000s)

The SwissFlame is one of the unique models produced by Victorinox.  The basic toolset is the same as the Climber with plus scales and a bulky butane cartridge and lighter in the middle. It is fairly rare, produced from 2002 to 2005 only and was not available for sale in the US.  This model had problems in the lighter mechanism and how it holds the butane charge when not in use.  This model is highly collectible owing to the short production run and unavailability of direct sales in the US.

It was available in Translucent Red (Ruby) cellidor scales (Item Number: 1.3705.FT) and Translucent Blue (Sapphire) cellidor scales (Item Number: 1.3705.FT2).

The SwissFlame has a brother-model, the CampFlame which has the base tool similar to a Camper with hook and fine screwdriver at the back layer and the butane cartridge/lighter mechanism in the middle.

Video of the SwissFlame in action.  This particular SAK has not been charged with butane for a long while and the seller was not sure it was still working.  Good thing it worked (somewhat) after a few trials.

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