Wednesday, December 03, 2014

COLLECTION: Wenger Commander 85mm

The Wenger Commander is an 85mm 2-layer SAK which as the same tool set as the Victorinox Sportsman.  It has the basic main blade, can opener, locking cap lifter, nail file/cleaner, corkscrew and reamer/awl.  

This will be a collector's item in the future.  Although you can still buy new ones, once the stock is depleted there are no more new ones being manufactured. Since Victorinox integrated  Wenger's knife operations into its own early 2013, it has released the new Delemont Collection which eliminated the duplication in the product lines.  The Commander does not have an equivalent Delemont collection model since a similar Victorinox model already exists.

The print: Reishauer is a gear grinding technology company that develops and manufactures gear manufacturing equipment.  The company was founded by Hans Jakob Daniker in 1788 in Zurich, Switzerland.  The company still exists and is a leading player in gear grinding technology today.

Reishauer Corporate History

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