Monday, November 10, 2014

COLLECTION: Victorinox Golfer 84mm (1980s)

The 84mm Golfer has been produced by Victorinox since the 1970s as seen in various catalogs from that era.  There's also a possibility that it has been produced as early as the 1960s - as the 84mm scissors has been in production as early as the 1960s. For these very early models the small blade was used instead of the combo tool which was only introduced in the mid 1980s.

The introduction of the combo tool in replacement of the small blade made it more useable!  It is a shame that Victorinox has since discontinued producing any models with scissors in the 84mm line.  This size would have been a perfect EDC size!

It has the fluted 4-turn corkscrew seen on models produced in the 1980s.

The much sought after tool by modders - the 84mm scissors.  The 84mm Golfer is currently the "cheapest" way to get the 84mm scissors.

After the 84mm Golfer was discontinued, Victorinox replaced it with the 91mm Golfer with a mini screwdriver attached to the corkscrew.  But this model was eventually replaced with the current 91mm Compact as well, which added the hook tool on the back layer and used plus scales to add a ball point pen and a straight pin.  Here's a photo showing them side-by-side. 

The 84mm Golfer as seen in one of the catalogs from the 1980s (from store: Baskets and Blades Ltd, Morrisville, NC).

SAAM's Tool Evolution -
1970s & 1980s Catalogs

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