Monday, November 03, 2014

COLLECTION: Victorinox Engineer 91mm (1980s)

The Engineer (collector's name, not official) was produced, in very limited numbers, by Victorinox for Télémécanique Electrique - a French automation company founded by Michel le Goullec in 1924.  It was acquired by Schneider Electric in 1988.  It is a two-layer SAK which is a variation of the Scientist. It replaced the combo tool with the Technician's screwdriver.  

This SAK has blue cellidor scales and has metal inlays on both sides.  The front side has the "Telemecanique" logo together with the Victorinox shield while the back scale has the "ALTIVAR 5" inlay.

This is one of the very (very!) few 91mm models (if not the only one) with both the inline philips screwdriver and Technician's screwdriver in the main layer.

The Télémécanique ALTIVAR 5 is a variable speed controller for asynchronous motors. A sample is pictured below (most probably not used together with a wheelbarrow. :) )


MTO user jazzbass for verifying and identifying the model
Schneider Electric - Telemecanique History

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