Monday, November 24, 2014

COLLECTION: Wenger Commander Snife Series - Zebra 85mm (1990s)

The Wenger SNIFE series was released in the 1990's during the time of the new and trendy Swatch watches.  I still remember owning a Swiss Swatch watch given to me as a gift (birthday or Christmas) when I was a teenager.   The initial catalog release was five modern prints on the scales of the Wenger Commander.  Eventually, five more designs were released including the Zebra design that I have here.

There is a French Wenger catalog in sakwiki from the 1990s featuring a page for the SNIFE series.  I used google to translate it to English: 

Design and proprietary technology: SNIFE series, the latest generation of real Swiss Army knife, offers a new range of decors five ruffling, dressing pioneering functional high quality tradition.

Practical meaning and joy of living, efficient and convenient tool, but also henceforth communication object with the series SNIFE, the true Swiss knife features more than ever as a symbol. That of a lifestyle in direct contrast with our world, colorful, animated.

Since the first collection (available up to stock last), it explores new horizons, new worlds evoked escape. And sees its value increased by its limit draw. What to facilitate the difficult choice rather than decide which one is more beautiful, the complete series will do!

In retail outlets, the series SNIFE is distinguished by an environment-friendly and special packaging: cardboard box, blister packaging and distributor display with the red / white logo and the original colors of SNIFE class on a very black background.

Below is the original page:

List of the designs in the series:
1. Amazon! - 1 93 05
2. Gems! - 1 93 06
3. Mystic! - 1 93 07
4. Crackers! - 1 93 08
5. Handy! - 1 93 09
6. Avenue! - 1 93 04
7. Rhythm! - 1 93 03
8. Crazy! - 1 93 02
9. Waves! - 1 93 01
10. Zebra! - 1 93 00

I found out that 9/10 are still available to be purchased brand new from a seller in amazon japan.  Just go to and search for "Wenger Snife" if you're interested to start the collection.

More photos of my Zebra SNIFE.

Wenger 1992-1995 EU Dealer (French)


  1. I am looking for a Crackers Snife by Swiss Army. Mine was stolen out of my car yesterday and it really meant a lot to me. Do you know of anywhere I can get one just like it to replace it?!

  2. I have a Snife crackers 1 93 08 if you are still interested.