Thursday, August 21, 2014

REVIEW: Victorinox Fieldmaster vs Wenger Handyman

At first, I was thinking of comparing the Handymans but quickly found out that it will be an uneven match between a lightweight and a flyweight.  The Wenger Handyman is just over matched the Victorinox Handyman.  So I looked for a better comparison for the Wenger Handyman and found the Victorinox Fieldmaster to be a worthy adversary.

The Victorinox Fieldmaster is similar to the Huntsman except the former has a philips screwdriver in the back layer compare to the Huntsman's corkscrew.  The Fieldmaster is an old model, first similar tool set appeared in the 1960's catalog as the Craftsman.  It was later renamed to the Fieldmaster (I first saw this in a 1990's catalog, but I might have just missed it in some 1980's catalog).  By the way, there is a similar 84mm Fieldmaster-type tool set called the Artisan, more about that in a future post.

The Wenger Handyman, in this case an Evo 18, due to the updated grip-type scale.  This is an 85mm SAK with all the basic tools plus the Wood Saw.  The Wenger Handyman is one of the older models and was part of the early 1970s line up of 6 models which included the Monarch (pre-cursor of the Wenger Champ), Hobbyist, Traveller, Scout and the Master Fisherman.

Below is a quick tabulated comparison between the two models.

More photos:

Victorinox Catalogs
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