Monday, December 08, 2014

COLLECTION: Victorinox Classic Portugal National Flag 58mm

The Portuguese Republic is a nation-state in Europe located in the Iberian Peninsula next to Spain.  In the 15th and 16th century, during the Age of Discovery, Portugal became one of the world's major economic, political and military power with a well established naval force which allowed them to venture around the world.  At some point during that era, Portugal and Spain divided the world among themselves.

The flag of Portugal (bandeira de Portugal) is the national flag of the Portuguese Republic.  It is rectangular, 2:3 stripped bicolor - green and red, with the lesser coat of arms of Portugal - armillary sphere and national shield, centered over the color boundary.

This Victorinox Classic model was part of the original release of the National Flag series with a model no. of 0.6203.PT7.

Current Lineup as of 8/12/2014.

Portugal wiki, accessed 1/12/2014
Flag of Portugal wiki, accessed 1/12/2014

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