Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Victorinox Lifetime Warranty

I got a pleasant notification from Australia Post that a package is waiting to be collected at my Parcel Locker yesterday afternoon.

It was the package from Sheldon & Hammond, distributors of Victorinox in Australia.

About three weeks ago, I sent several of my saks for repairs. One included was a Master Craftsman with broken scissors and stuck tools.  I was informed that it is unrepairable and they will replace it with a SwissChamp since the former is not available anymore.

There were several other saks that were replaced as well. They even replaced saks with chipped or broken scales.

The repair department assured me that Victorinox honors their Lifetime Warranty promise irregardless if you have acquired the sak second hand, from eBay or from a flea market.  As long as the damage is covered under the Lifetime Warranty, they will repair or replace the sak.

Also, here in Australia, you only pay the postage cost of sending the sak to the repair department.  They will send back the repaired sak for free!

One more thing, I also received a complimentary Classic from the latest collection series as a "thank you" for my effort in reporting the fake Victorinox Rescue tools that were being sold in eBay Australia a couple of months back.

Thank you Victorinox and Sheldon & Hammond.

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