Thursday, June 26, 2014

COLLECTION: Victorinox Vice-President or Small Climber 84mm (estimated 1968-1971)

One item off my 84mm list!  This was part of the "wonder" batch which netted me a 1970s Ambassador, an 84mm Golfer and this one.

The 84mm Climber has exactly the same tool set as its larger brother, the full size 91mm Climber.   In the 1980's Victorinox Catalog from the SMICO distributor, the 84mm Climber was listed as Vice-President with natural horn scales (0.3702.61).  I haven't found it in a 1970's catalog but most probably it existed as well during that time.  I've estimated the manufacture date to be between 1968 to 1971 mainly on the Tang stamps, see below details on the Age Marks.

Age Marks: Estimate 1968-1971
Corkscrew (5 loops fluted): Pre-1985

Reamer with cutting edge, no sewing eye: 1961-1985

Nickel Silver Metal Inlay Shield: Pre-1980s

Tang Stamps: Victoria Officer Suisse 1968-1974

Clip Point Small Blade: Pre-1973

+ PAT: 1951-1971

Victorinox 1970's Catalog
Victorinox 1980's Catalog
Victorinox Tang Stamps on Pocket Knives from 1884-2014 by Ulli
SAAM's 91mm Tools Evolution
Victorinox Evolution from

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