Thursday, June 19, 2014

COLLECTION: Victorinox Ambassador 74mm (1970s)

This SAK came as a nice surprise when I received a recent ebay lot.  The item was described as "7 Assorted Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Airport Confiscation Lot".  Looking at the photo I saw five Executives and two "classics"-looking bigger knives.  I did not mind it then as I was buying this lot to fill the weight for my package.  This purchase was only a "filler" to my main purchase which was also an "Airport confiscation lot" but I saw an 84mm Golfer.  But that's for another post.

Back to the "7 Assorted... lot", I inspected it immediately after I received it as I usually do for all of my eBay purchases.  Amid the Executives, there were two Ambassador models and one in particular had a different tweezer.  I remembered reading it from SAAM's website where he indicated that before 1978 Victorinox used Aluminum tipped tweezers. Bingo!  

It also had the old style crosscut nail file and brass spacers.  Another thing to note which will further date this SAK to about 1975 and earlier was the use of single spring and screw joint Scissors. Score!  Not bad for a $3.50 buy.   

I'm not sure if my dating process is correct as most of the reference websites use mainly 91mm models.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So I have my first 74mm SAK for collection... before storage, I cleaned the knife thoroughly.  I gently removed the scales as the tweezers will not come out.  It had a lot of gunk and a sticky-glue like substance underneath the scales that prevented the tweezers from being pulled out. I also polished the scales to a like-new shine finish.

Nickel-Silver Victorinox Shield 


Aluminum-tipped tweezers

Single spring-screw joint Scissors

Crosscut Nail file

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