Tuesday, March 17, 2015

COLLECTION: Victorinox Windsor 74mm (1970s)

The 74mm model line up is another interesting sub-collection that I want to pursue more seriously as I complete my 84mm collection.  For this post, I present to you the Victorinox Windsor.  This is a single layer-74mm SAK with machined Stainless Steel scales that have the same tool set as the Ambassador but without the scale tools.

This particular model in my collection is from the 1970s as evident in the single leaf spring scissors.  The $9.60 price was quite expensive for a 74mm model considering it was more expensive than the 91mm Alox Sturdy Boy (aka Pioneer) which was only $5.70!

It was available in the sales catalogs until the 1980s but was most probably discontinued during the 1990s.

From a Victorinox 1970s catalog

Victorinox 1970s Catalog