Friday, March 20, 2015

COLLECTION: Victorinox Princess 58mm (1970s)

Victorinox had a lot more 58mm models before compared to what they're producing now.  Many models have been discontinued due to various reasons and one of them is the Victorinox Princess.

The Victorinox Princess is a 58mm, one-layer, two-tools model and no scale tools.  It consists of of a main blade and a nail file with a nail cleaner tip.  It is one of the thinnest and smallest model.  The only thinner option is the Victorinox Pocket Pal which is also a rare piece. Most of them were released with key ring attachment points but some where released without them which makes them rarer.

According to, this model is a rare piece.  The current alternative model is the Victorinox Escort which is also a single layer SAK with two tools but with scale tools included.

This particular model is very old, from the tang stamp "Victoria" with crossbow, it was no released no later than 1970.  This tang stamp was used from 1943-1970.

Victorinox 1970s Catalog
Victorinox Tang Stamps 1884-2014

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