Friday, January 09, 2015

COLLECTION: Victorinox Cadet - Denmark Limited Edition 84mm (2010s)

I've started travelling down the slippery road of Alox Cadet collecting and these are my new pieces for the collection I've started.

These are the Victorinox Cadet only available for sale in Denmark but the knife shop who sells them ships internationally anywhere.  Before buying that over-priced "Limited Edition-collector's item-rare, hard-to-find" cadet in ebay, visit The Good Stuff Shop first to see if they have some in stock.

The story behind the reason why this Denmark shop requested for a limited edition Alox Cadet is that because of the strict knife rules in Denmark, they cannot order the regular 93mm Alox knives from Victorinox as it will not be legal to sell there. Thus the Cadet with a shorter blade will be ok to carry.

But according to my research, the Denmark knife laws in summary are most knives are illegal to carry in public except for folding knives with non-locking blade that are 7 cm or less (1).  The 93mm Alox knives' blade is 7 cm or less and is also non-locking.  In theory, the 93mm Pioneer should be legal to carry as well.

Anyway, what is important (here) is we have two new limited edition Cadets which are in the livery not yet seen before.  There are two colors currently in production, the black with red shield (Item Number:  0.2601.23G) and green with red shield (Item Number: 0.2601.24G).  The Cadet has a blade measured at 62 x 10 x 1.5 mm which is way below the 70 mm length limit.


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