Saturday, September 06, 2014

SAK Deconstructed: Wenger Nomad 85mm

This is another installment of the SAK Deconstructed series I'm doing to document the SAKs that I disassemble.

This is the Wenger Nomad, one of the few Wenger SAKs with a Universal Wrench and it also has a locking main blade via push lever.  The Wenger scale is attached differently to the main body compared to the Victorinox models.  The outer liner for Wenger has a protrusion that catches the scales using clips molded into the plastic scale.  The brass pins doesn't have any bushing and is peened directly to the outer liner.

Initial disassembly is easier compared to the Victorinox, the peened brass heads just need to be filed instead of drilling required for the Victorinox SAKs.

 The locking mechanism.

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