Wednesday, September 03, 2014

REFERENCE: Victorinox Scales & Liners Thickness

I wasn't able to find these easily by searching the internet.  So I did some measurements using a digital caliper.  I'll be updating this list constantly as I dismantle more SAKs.

Scales & Liners Thickness Measurements

91mm Cellidor
Scales: 3.30mm
Y2000’s Outer Liner: 0.70mm (from an Explorer)
          Older (Y1980’s) Outer Liner: 1.00mm (from a Master Craftsman)
          Inner Liner: 0.70mm
93mm Alox:  2.80mm
84mm Cellidor:
            Scales: 3.30mm
            Liners: 0.70mm
74mm Stainless Steel:
            Scales: 1.50mm
            Liner: 0.40mm
58mm Cellidor:
            Scales: 2.40mm – 2.50mm
            Outer Liner: 0.50mm
58mm Stainless Steel:

            Scales: 1.35mm

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