Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SAKC 1st Year Anniversary!

It's been a year since I started the Swiss Army Knives Collectors group in Facebook.  Oh boy! We have grown a lot! We now have over 2,400 members and a big number of active users.

Some fun statistics for our group for the period of 22 June - 28 July 2015 courtesy of

The last 30 days, we had over 330 active members who posts, comments and likes.  We still have lots of inactive members who are "silently" viewing our contents, I hope more members will be active! Come on, it's because of the members the groups like this survive and thrive!

Out of the 50 posts, 62% of the were photos, while 28% were status updates, 6% were links and 4% were videos.

Grytics uses "engagement" score to describe the amount of activity of the group and its members.  Engagement formula is the sum of the number of comments + 2* number of posts + number of likes.  Using this formula, the top 12 most Engaged members are featured above! I can see Irineo there, who's been one of the earliest members and most active at that! Also included this period are, John Center, Maarten Simons, Lito Perez, Torsten Pach, Sarp Dogan, Marko Marinkovic, George Kolovos, Marco Schouten, Benjamin Valdes and Rahadi. Thanks to all of you!

We're an international group and the chart above shows that our group is basically active the whole day!

The group is most active during the end of the week (Friday), through the weekend and until Monday!

"Top Members" chart, Top 10 Publishers, Top 10 Commenters and Top 10 Likers.

Another interesting metrics is the "Influencer".  Grytics define it as group members whose posts are the most liked and commented by others.  The influence ratio is based on  the number of likes + 2* number of comments.

Great stats!  This group is here for all of us to share our love of SAKs!  Head on to to join in on the fun.

Thanks to for the initial free statistics used in this post.

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