Friday, February 27, 2015

COLLECTION: Victorinox Mechanic 91mm (1990s)

The Victorinox Mechanic is a three-layer SAK which is a Tinker with a pliers layer.  This is one of the thinnest Victorinox model with pliers included in the tool set.

The early pliers did not have a crimper.  After 1995, Victorinox included a crimper near the pivot point of the pliers to make it more useful as an all around tool.  The spring is a leaf-spring type design which is the same as the scissors.

Early release of the pliers did not include a crimper

Later half of the 1990s featured pliers with the crimper which is still in used today

Victorinox 1990s Catalog
Victorinox 2001 Catalog
SAAM's 91mm Tool Evolution

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