Friday, October 10, 2014

SAK Deconstructed: Victorinox Tinker 91mm (Modern)

A quick look inside one of the most popular 91mm Victorinox model - the Tinker.  The Tinker tool set has been around since the back layer Philips screwdriver was introduced to the Victorinox line in the 1960s (Note: There was a Master Craftsman with back layer Philips screwdriver as early as the 1950s).

The 1960's 84mm Tinker

First layer after the scales have been removed.  The liner here has the indentations introduced to the modern models. I think this adds to the strength of the liners in those high stress points for the main blade pivot.

Second layer after the outer liner was removed. All standard configuration with the spacer for the small blade without the key ring attachment.  

Third layer is the inner liner with the small cut-out for the nail nick of the awl/reamer.

Fourth layer is the standard bottle opener, can opener and awl/reamer set.  This one has the key ring attachment point integrated into the back layer spring.

Last layer is the other outer liner with indentations as well for added strength.

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