Wednesday, July 09, 2014

COLLECTION: Custom Wood Scale - Victorinox Spartan 91mm

This is my first go at making a custom wooden scale for a Victorinox SAK - specifically a Spartan as my first guinea pig!  I was inspired by the work of Mile (MWDP at MTo).  He's a real master at this.

The scale is a Tasmanian Oak stained with natural color Kitchen oil.

I did not include the tweezers and toothpick as I want the scale to be as thin and squarish as possible.

The Victorinox shield was epoxied and clamped - I was surprised the the force of the clamp was enough to embed the shield unto the wood.

I'm still thinking if I'll varnish it with natural color or leave it as is.

I think I'll make another one :) a Classic!

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